How to Tell when She really Cums: Signs of an Orgasm

Signs of an Orgasm

When it comes to sex men have a big issue how the hell do we know we really did a good job? How do we know we actually made her cum? Well I’m sure I’ve been lied to in the past, I’m sure we all have been. Hell I’m sure I’ll be lied to in the future. A woman is nice enough to not break down your self-esteem by telling you suck in bed. Well most of the signs of orgasm are felt and very minute. All the signs of arousal show up during orgasm which makes it very difficult to detect orgasm. So how do you identify an orgasm? Well it takes practice but you notice a release point right at the peak of her stimulation an orgasm causes some changes in behavior.

Sounds and Breathing Patterns

One of the many tiny changes in behavior include an erratic breathing pattern but for many women nearing an orgasm their breathing pattern is accelerated. As she gets to the release point she may act differently some women can’t yell(they go quiet to release), some women have no reason to avoid yelling so when they release they scream. Normally when a woman is loud during an orgasm, they are loud the whole sexual experience not just at orgasm. Sometimes a woman may just let out a loud groan.


Limp Body

As a woman gets to orgasm she builds tension throughout her whole body, sometimes she stiffens her entire body as she holds in before orgasm(this is normally more obvious in the first orgasm of a sexual experience(not first time but the beginning of sex) then in the 5th or 6th). After orgasm her whole body loosens up as her satisfaction from orgasm is reached. Look for a completely relaxed pudding like body after orgasm. The body just falls relaxed.


Sometimes a woman spasms right after orgasm, this is common after any arousing exercise (yes sex is great exercise).  A woman may spasm her whole body or her legs but she will sometimes spasm directly after orgasm. Normally following spasms the body goes limp.

Goofy Involuntary Spasm video:


Pupil Dilation

This one is very hard to see because most women orgasm eyes closed but sometimes a woman and you may be making strong eye contact forehead to forehead having sex and you will noticing right as she cums a burst in pupil dilation right at orgasm, this is difficult to see but very reliable.

Tight Grip into a Relaxed Satisfaction

Like the rest of the body when some women cum they will begin to gain tension in vagina gripping sometimes harder on your dick. Her snatch can clamp down pretty hard right before she releases. When she has orgasm she releases your dick at the same time as the rest of her behaviors ending her peak stimulation with that satisfying orgasm. Note: Some women just have pussy power, and control it very well.

Her Clit

When a woman is near orgasm right before her clit will start to pull inwards, and as she orgasms it will come back out to play. So if you are going down on a woman you will see this happens right before she orgasm.

A Gap in the Moment

It’s hard to explain this but when a woman cums there is a gap in the moment. Her behavior stops at release time, keep in mind some women cum fast and some cum long, some cum soft and some cum hard. When she cums though there will be a gap in her behavior where she is different, she is uncontrolled and she gives herself to the moment.

Every Woman has O Tells

Ok how a woman cums can all depend on the day she had, the moment, anything. Every woman has tells during orgasm. When she cums she will have certain behaviors, some women hold their breath right before orgasm, some bite their lip, some start saying your name uncontrollably, but all women seem to have some sort of reaction at Orgasm.

It’s up to you to discover your current sex partner’s tells and figure out when she is showing she is cumming.

Summing it Up

I’m not going to say it is so easy and you can tell when every woman orgasms every time but I will say you can tell when any woman cums if you pay attention. If you want to be a good sex partner you should be paying attention anyways, you can’t be a good lover if you don’t pay attention during sex. If you are like me you prefer to be a great powerful lover you will be very aware of everything your sexual partner is doing and respond accordingly. I love the fact that any woman I sleep with is the lucky one, it’s empowering and it gives you serious sexual confidence.

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  1. My wife does many of the things you point out:

    1. Before she comes her upper chest area goes bright red, like a big rash from shoulder to shoulder.
    2. Her body goes as stiff as a board and her toes curl upwards.
    3. She shudders during the last 2-5 seconds of orgasm.
    4. We have that “gap” like suspended in time moment, where she she’s totally rigid and her face contorts into a very strange expression.
    5. Then when it’s over there’s a great “Sigghhhhh…” and she lies there looking 2-feet taller than a minute before.

    All very strange but as exciting and satisfying as hell to watch;). Kind of looks like she’s demon possessed.

    I just consider it a job well done!

    The only difference from everything you mention, is the bright blotchy reddening of the skin on her upper chest (between the shoulders and over the upper half of her breasts. My wife couldn’t hide her orgasm if she wanted to.

    Thanks Vic, another excellent piece.

    • Women don’t always squirm when they cum…. sometimes the gentlemen finishes before her. Women generally squirm before they cum if they are squirmers.

      A woman can learn the squirt but squirm is just natural for her, she loses control and begins to squirm. Squirting is more like a girl squirting stuff out of her urethra (similar to male ejaculation). Just search for an article if you’d like to learn to squirt.

      Peace and Love,


    • Every woman has different Orgasm “tells”… some women it’s nearly impossible to read… Others I feel it is absolutely impossible to read. I admit in the article you won’t always be able to tell, this simply a list of signs she did have an orgasm not an absolute.

      Peace and Love,


  2. How to know if “he” has done a good job, please! Most women reach orgasm by being on top finding their own rhythm what works best for her. If a woman is waiting for him to make her cum, she’ll be waiting a long time, sure it feeds good, and it’s fun, but women don’t wait for him, take the reigns! He’ll like it just the same, sorry guys you just make yourselves cum! This is majority of women, and we know how to fake it too!

    • Every woman is different Rebeca, not every woman cums by being on top, in fact I know several that can’t cum on top. Some cum best from doggystyle, some from missionary, and some from modified versions of either.

      Everyone is different for you to say the majority of women is to deny each women her own right decide what’s right for her…. I say pay attention to the women and what she needs in order to be pleased. Never ever assume every women wants one thing or another. Listen to each women, what my girlfriend prefers now is entirely different then about any woman I’ve dated in the past.