• No worries, your blog was awesome. Your blog was a great lead up to this one as well, because it was a sexy dame’s perspective. I have had some folks asking for awhile about approach cues, they just seemed to want to know how I break down a woman wants a man to approach.

      • Fewer and fewer men are approaching women these days.Maybe guys are fed up with the old
        rules and trying to achieve some value, like THEY could be the prize someday.

      • Yeah, you should always approach a woman. It shows self-confidence to do such a thing. Too many folks think that you should just stop approaching women, while I don’t approach tons of women if I want to talk to a woman I do regardless of her initial attraction. At the same time every I approach a woman I have the emotion and belief I am a prize. If she isn’t attracted I feel it is her loss.

  1. Portland women seem to implode with anger at the sight of me in their side view. They will not look me in the eye. If their job repuires them to talk to me it is with a dramatic level of contempt. Like im hitler and i ruined their life. Portland women are hateful prejudiced bigotted hypocrites. They sooner go lesbian than smile or look like something other than a seriel killer when i am within 2 blocks or line of sight. Feminism is some fucked up shit. If we dont stop it this country is toast. I would never fight for america as to come home to a country full of women who ignore or refuse to acknowledge my existence. Men invented everything you know and see. Not only you look him in the eye and smile you curtsy as you walk by. Show respect or all you take for granted may be pulled out from under you and youll be back to foraging for berrys and insects.

  2. I met a girl in my sports day fns. Shes very attractive i cant take my eyes-off. At that fns i got sm prize. After the fns is over while she was leaving she turn her head towards me and saw me 3 times. I followed her and she sat on coridor with her frnd. Tell me frnds she like me r nt? I am mad at her