Is She Attracted to me? A Better Understanding of Preens: The 6 Basic Preens

Basic Understanding of Preens

A woman attracted sends tons of signals, most of them are either Preens or Submissive signals. Everyone seems to understand when a woman is attracted she preens but not many people understand the full spectrum of preening. They aren’t just the stroke of their hair.

So what is a preens? It is as an adjustment in appearance. This happens for multiple reasons, one reason is she wants to make sure she looks best for you. Another reason being she wants to bring attention to her looks and show off her femininity. Next she wants to advertise her sexual assets. I want to note that these aren’t always obvious to her even, most of the time they are subconscious they just happen to do them as a natural part of courtship.

Now that we know that a preen is as simple as an adjustment of appearance we’ll talk about a woman’s different ways of a adjusting her appearance.  These signals are easy to miss, but happen quite frequently. Look for repetition for a more confident read of her Body Language.

6 Examples of Preening Appearance Adjustments:

She straightens her clothing/shirt/pants/jacket – This is obvious she is making sure she looks good for you. It doesn’t seem obvious until you realize our clothes and apparel is an extension of ourselves and any adjustment on our clothing is a preen.

Jewelry Adjustment – Adjusting her earring , bracelet, or necklace are also adjustments in a appearance and often times a woman will adjust any of them. Some women even grab onto and hold onto their jewelry it fiddling with it.

Smoothing of clothing – A lot of times a woman will smooth her clothing not just adjusting her appearance, but also accentuating her curves and femininity. This is a sign that is overlooked so often it is disappointing.

The Head whip/Hair flick – A lot of people miss the fact that a woman is preening when she whips her head around flicking her hair. It is not just an adjustment in appearance it is also a movement to catch attention.

Hair Preening – I want you to realize when it comes to hair preening that it is any adjustment in their hair. A lot of women grab onto and adjust their hair, they sometimes stroke their hair but it doesn’t happen often. Most of the time it is just a movement of hair, and with more and more attraction it happens with more and more frequency.

Shoe Adjustment – Some women will constantly dangling their shoes or adjust them with their hands or feet. When a woman dangles her shoe off her foot it is a very good sign, it shows comfort and the first step to getting her clothes off her shoes first.

Once you know how to be the responsive male, notice a woman’s overtures, and recognize a woman’s preens you understand when a woman wants you to interact and understand that it is up to you to recognize and magnify the attraction as well as keep her interest. We as men seem to have this thought that preening is one thing when it is so much more than just a stroke of the hair. It is important to take a look at why a woman does certain things, if she is adjusting her appearance in any form or measure she is preening.

Warning: Just because she is preening doesn’t mean she is attracted. Body Language is about clusters and it is very important that you add up all the signs when you are interpreting her Body Language. Preening is also a sign of insecurity which means discomfort, some women are known for lying or bluffing at a poker table. In some cases preening is just a pacifying action because of their discomfort.

Peace and Love,