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 How to Read Arousal?

Well the one thing you need to understand is the eyes and skin and tone, if you know just these simple aspects you’ll be way ahead in the game!

Dilated Pupils

Pupil dilation is the first small signal I want to talk about when it comes to arousal. When we are aroused our pupils get huge. Arousal dilates our pupils beyond our need. Our pupils normally expand and contract to allow more or less lighting in so that we can see clearly. When we are aroused our eyes try to let everything in with dilated pupils.

(The Right is More Dilated)

Bedroom Eyes

Bedroom eyes are those glossed over lover’s eyes. When a woman is hooked on a man you will see her give him bedroom eyes. They are glossy pupil dilated eyes. What happens are chemicals in your brain made you feel good fluid leaks behind eyes, eventually the fluid builds up and leaks out over your eyes. Your eyes look shiny with your aroused pupil dilated eyes giving you that bedroom eyes effect.

Rapid Blink Rate

Sometimes a woman aroused will have those fluids increasing and thus their eyes need that fluid spread around this means an increase in blink rate.  Pretty simple an increase in fluids in the eyes needs to be evened out.

Swollen Lips

When the blood flows everywhere it rushes is to our lips. Our lips begin to change to a more red color as well. Arousal’s increase in our heart beat pushes the blood flow to swell our lips. One thing you’ll notice is when a woman becomes aroused she begins to bite her itchy lips. They are swollen and so she itches them. This also helps bring attention to her lips reminding us subconsciously of other lips. Big lips are thus a sign of arousal and considered very attractive.

Genital Echo

The blood flow also increases to our genitals. So when I say woman’s lips swell I am also referring to her labia, or pussy lips. The increase in blood flow down there increases making penetration easier, this happens regardless of whether that arousal is sexual or not. It isn’t uncommon for men to get erections at disappointing moments, one man talked about getting an erection during the star spangle banner before his football game while in uniform. Those swollen lips on her face mean swollen aroused lips elsewhere regardless of the motive for the arousal.

Nose Extension

When someone lies they are aroused, that is the foundation of lie detection. Uncomfortable but aroused behaviors in humans. When we are aroused our nose literally grows, President Clinton was known for scratching his nose when he lied. So when a woman is attracted sometimes she will scratch her nose like she is lying believe it or not.

Skin Tone

During arousal there is a change in skin tone, we gain red hues. You know that moment when you see your teenage crush and your heart beat rapidly increased, you felt yourself blush. The increase in blood flow that pushes blood into your lips also turns your skin red. I always think of the shy little girl that turns her head down and starts to blush. Women never lose that behavior they do that even when they get older, though it is more suppressed if you pay attention you will see this happen all the time.

Note: A woman post orgasm is incredibly red all over her body.


Our body is working harder and that means we are expelling more energy, more energy results in a higher body temperature. When we try and cool off our body temperature we perspire. Perspiration is an obvious sign of arousal, it happens during sex, working out, and when eating spicy foods(yes this means spicy foods are arousing).

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Great tips for how to read arousal!

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