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Shy girls can be very difficult to read, often they give you absolutely nothing in regards to body language but they still give you some small signs thus giving you reads. Confident girls are pretty simple to read, they are straight and to the point. This is Episode 12 of Does She Like Me? Feedback is welcome and encouraged of course!
Peace and Love

I talk all about getting laid or getting the girl but there is something I am ashamed of: I have never blogged about safe damn sex. All you fools out there that think bare backing it is cool and that sex is far more fun when you ain’t got something covering your skin I’d have to agree, of course it feels way better when you get to feel her completely wrapped around your bare skin but don’t be a fool wrap your fucking tool.

I come across the mentality of a lot of folks that are like fuck condoms. I definitely understand your point it is one of the reasons I love a continuous sexual relationship but there are plenty of reasons to be clever and cover your lever. Here are a few:


STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) – I’ll start here because it’s so fucking obvious… these are no joke, last thing you want to be is the douche bag that gave 5 women the clap. You also don’t want to catch something that you take to death with you such as herpes or life ending like AIDS. As they say in Boxing – Protect yourself at all times.


18 Years plus worth of Human payments – I’m a guy that wants a family and a wife, the whole hopeless romantic thought but I also know I can’t afford to support a kid for the next 18 years right now. Take into consideration the fact that you may end up with 2 minutes of fun and have to support a child for the next 18 years. It’s not your choice if she keeps it, it’s hers.


Pregnancy Stress – If you’ve been bare backing you’ve probably had pregnancy stress. Fuck I hope she wasn’t lying (about the pill) and I don’t got a bun in the oven. I’ve been worried before and it’s kind of obnoxious having that thought in your back thoughts for a bit. The stress isn’t worth it for the feel.


You don’t know where they’ve been – You don’t know where that girl or guy has been, plain and simple they don’t know where their sexual partners have been. A woman I met in college had sex with a total of one guy by 19 and she got the clap. It is very important you realize one person can still give you something. It’s not the amount of partners that matters.


Dipping in Multiple Pools – This plays off the last one as well but I wanted to mention this all on it’s own. I’d say a good portion of relationships out there end up dealing with infidelity at some point, even if you are in a relationship you can trust a woman to act on her sexual needs at the wrong moment here and there. One woman I know use to get tested every 6 months regardless even though she had been in a long term relationship. Another I know cheated on her boyfriend with her ex (rubber free) then had sex with her (at that point) current boyfriend rubber free, and she claimed she loved him.

Check the Quality of the Turf before you Step on the Field

Too many fools see a fly dame and think oh she is sexy, fuck the condom. She seems like a nice girl who is clean, who hasn’t been around. Then you get down there and it is beat up, this sexy dame has had a lot of sex, and she has some shit going on, I’m not at all saying it’s bad for a woman to have a strong sexual appetite. It’s important to remember, to check the quality of the turf before you step on the field, don’t fuck her just because she is the flyest dame you’ve ever banged, check that shit out and be damn careful this isn’t a decision that affects you long term.  Don’t be afraid to not go forward with sex if the girl may give you something.

Don’t be Dumb have Some fun when you Cum

The old I’ll pull out is fucking stupid, yes you can decrease your chance but even before you cum some of the little fertilizers are pushed out and searching for that egg. You guys need to realize you can still get a girl pregnant even if you pull out based off of the “pre-cum spews”. Plus no STD protection.  I don’t like having to think when I’m about to cum, I just like to release, maybe that is a bit weird but if a girls on top and you are pushing her off to cum or trying to pull out at the last moment. Fuck that with a condom you can cum inside her with less worries.

Education and Masturbation before Sexual Relations

Even if you are conservative and want to avoid sex EDUCATE YOURSELF! Conservative and their practice abstinence and ignorance is idiotic. You guys need to educate yourself on sex, understand ovulation, a woman’s cycle, and STDs. There is no reason to not know a few things about sex and how to protect yourself or when to go to the doctor. You need to understand sex and educate yourself go out and research a little about pregnancy, please education yourself on STDs for your own protection. Have a good idea of what you are doing and the results of your actions.

Research and Have variety: Different Covers for Different Lovers

Alright guys there are a ton of different condoms out there, it’s not like there is only Trojan, Lifestyle, and Durex, and there are plenty of other brands. Look around and find some good condoms. I’ve literally went online and researched best condoms and bought a ton of them (literally like 150), but some women are allergic to certain types of condoms. I know a lot of women have an allergy or sensitivity against Latex then you may want to have a lamb skin or another type of condom. I personally don’t like lamb skin so I go for Avanti’s(bare) by Durex, not a Latex but definitely one of my favorites. I also like Crown condoms that are extra thin and almost feel as if nothing is on. There are plenty of different kinds of condoms in this day and age. Make sure to keep Latex and non-latex condoms so you are prepared for either situation and to research and find the best condom for you.

Have Some Fun

Enjoy yourselves guys, sex is a fun natural experience and I’m not at all saying not to enjoy yourself but make sure that you “cover the stump when you hump”. If not you can end up with a serious change in your long term or end up with a short term future.

Just Don’t be Silly wrap yer Willy.

Peace and Love


Does She Like Me Show? Official Website

The article this video is based on has been published into a book. Learn all about her behaviors when she wants sex based on her biological needs. This video goes over the DTF woman and the behaviors they tend to exude. Including in this is ovulation, clothing, grabbing attention, and open to an approach.  Does She Like Me? Episode 11

Alright guys I’m a huge fan of hip hop, I love it. I love music in general and have easily seen over 100 concerts, but I have never been to a Music Festival like Rock the Bells. I need to say this very clearly this wasn’t a rave, this was a Music Festival where everyone was there to see the artists, I seen 1 fight over the course of 2 days with over 17,000 there the first day alone. People were there for the music and no other reason. The people were awesome and courteous.

No one was really a douche bag (except Deebo from Friday who is a HUGE Douche). Fuck that crooked eye mother fucker. If you are reading this fuck you.

It is a pretty rough time if you aren’t prepared especially since I went to the one in San Bernardino where the temperature was 100 degrees. People were literally feinting in line, it was crazy. If you aren’t prepared for the day you can easily over do it and forget that this shit goes on for 12 damn hrs.

I like to dance, I like to go HARD when it comes to music. My already shitty knees were beat and my right knee was swollen after 4-5 hrs(still swollen today), but I’m the type to keep going hard so I kept on. As soon as a felt a beat I moved my body from my head to my feet. Like I said I love music, I figured I can either focus on my pain or just enjoy what has been far and away the coolest concert I’ve attended.

There was some lessons I learned from my buddies and myself when it comes to going to a festival like this, things that you guys should learn and definitely use in the future.

Lesson 1: Hydration is an obligation. We were all psyched and excited to be going to the show. All of us jumping around in line bull shitting and then all of a sudden this girl feints, she was super dehydrated, feinted twice. Last thing you want is to spend 200 bones on mere general admission ticket and be to sick to enjoy. Start you day with a few glasses of water.

Lesson 2: Not eating is financially defeating. Food is damn expensive at these festivals, I spent easily 30 bucks on grub the first day. It’s very important you remember to start your day with a good size meal. Go High in carbs but make sure it isn’t food that is going to go through you, I can’t imagine shitting at a festival like that.

Lesson 3: Too much drinking makes for an early evening. Don’t get fucking smashed before the show. Remember you are looking at 12 hrs of concerts with erratic eating and movement. You know how shitty it is when you wanted to really really really see Ice Cube, Redman and Method Man, KRS ONE, Bone Thugs, etc. and you have no clue you either watched them or was just incapable of getting over to watch the show? Yeah it’s cool have a few beers throughout the show but realize this you are looking at expensive drinks ($9) and sobering up mid dayor getting hung over in this case in very hot weather which sucks in bad way. Becoming hung over in 100 degree weather is no joke, you are already dehydrated.

Lesson 4: Don’t let your feet get beat. Think about it this way you are going to be standing, walking, or dancing for the better part of 12 hrs, plus getting there and leaving there. It’s a lot of time to spend on your feet and on top of that a lot of other people can end up trampling your feet when the smokey “intoxicants” consume the area. Make sure to sport close toed very COMFORTABLE shoes, fuck looking “cool” from your kicks stand point, be comfortable.

Lesson 5: Dress right not Tight. Don’t dress in your slickest clothes, dress in your most comfortable clothes. If it’s hot make sure you are wearing shorts and t-shirts (if it’s cold dress in warmer clothing). Lots of the women sported bikini tops and guys sported tank tops. Makes sure to apply sunscreen. I also like bright shirts for when I get separated from the group. On one of the days I wore my bright purple Sugarhill shirt you see in my videos, my friends spotted me with ease in the crowd.

Lesson 6: Easy Security is Key. Choose the line you jump in based off of the security in it and you can have an easy day. You want the line with the easy security guys, for whatever reasons from speed of line to what they let in. Some will allow more waters, food, and “what nots”. Some won’t check you as thoroughly which can be very important as well. I brought 9 waters in and he just said that’s what I like to see, we were only allowed one according to the info.

Lesson 7: Your thoughts on the weather subtract or add to your pleasure. You really have a choice as soon as this thing starts. Are you here to have a bad ass time and enjoy all the bitchen artists? Or are you really here to bitch and complain, judge it for a horrible time. Yes there can be improvements but remember how you feel about the weather or the moment defines how good a time you are having. People were all bitching about the weather and that made the time so horrible for them. I was just so fucking excited that I was like fuck the weather, you know who is playing quickly here?  This should be your mindset for maximum fun.

Lesson 8: Going for distance not an instance. Some really sic groups played early in the day and I just went hard because I was so excited I was tearing it up. This goes back to the length of the day ahead of you. This is a marathon not a sprint guys, you will be going for a minute so keep this in mind when you are going hard early, that or get ready to have a long ass night.

Lesson 9: Know what you can handle or you’ll be a burnt out candle. Some things are going to be done at a festival, intoxicants are going to be a part of it all just be aware of what you can handle. Last thing you need is to be too fucked up (marijuana was the Lobotomy of the show at some moments) to be around the other 16999 people around.

Lesson 10: Fuck it! Regardless of how well you prepare you will be tired. You will like every marathon runner does face a wall where it feels impossible to go beyond, get down, move past it just remember you’ll never experience anything like this again so be prepared to work past your exhaustion, dehydration, sore feet, legs, etc. So remember when that pain sparks up, Fuck It, go hard and pull yourself out of it.

Lesson 11: Get home, rest the dome. After a big festival like this you may think the concept of partying is sic. Hell there are artists around town partying, maybe I’ll meet them. Well I stayed in the same hotel as a lot of the artists, met a few there (The Grouch, Eligh, Travis Barker, and Yelawolf), but when I got home I knew better. I just licked my wounds, showered rested, and prepped for the next day, it is a long show, it’s very important you are able to physically deal with it.

Lesson 12: Be a boyscout, be fucking prepared. You guys need to look up the weather, set list, figure out your schedule, and the map early on. Know where to go, know where you can go, and all that. Know what you can and can’t bring into the show (back packs, waters, etc.). This includes getting there early to map out the area. Don’t show up when the specific show you want starts, figure it out early on so you don’t need to trip on missing it, it only takes like about 25 minutes to map out it out but it is worth it plus as we discovered they had misting stations and a sprinkler station to wet (cool) people (unfortunately after a few hrs). Be prepared also means knowing the concert ticket you buy. I overheard a girl disappointed because she bought a one day concert ticket instead of a two day make sure you buy the right ticket.

Music Festival Kit:

Back Pack– If there is a few of you guys hand off the back pack to each other but it is very nice to have a back pack you can stick souvenirs in and carry this stuff into the festival with.

Baby Powder – You guys may think it’s funny but baby powder the fuck up especially in a hot area. You can get very raw between your thighs after sweating that much through out the day. Grab some baby powder or body powder (better after you are already hurting). You can do it through out the day if you sweat excessively. I learned this from working construction. My buddies learned from a rough rash.

Bottled Water – Bottled water is very key in this environment, they were charging 3 bucks a bottle in there and you can buy a case for 3 bucks. Go buy a case of water and throw some waters in your bag. If you buy 10 waters through out the weekend that is a t-shirt or two depending on where you are buying them.

Bring a Towel – You will sweat and you will sweat for hrs. Bring a small towel, a handkerchief can be nice but you will be sweating way too long for it to be a good idea. Bring a midsize towel, not the littlest one or the biggest one but one that is like 24 inches or so, this will absorb a bit of sweat, plus you can always wet the towel and just lay it over your neck to keep you cool. Two towels can be better if you’d like.

Power Bars/ Granola Bars – These are a nice hold you over snack and tend to cover you until there is a break between shows you want to watch ( a lot of them come sequentially, you miss half of one to watch half of the other).

Don’t Forget the Paperwork – Make sure you have all of the following papers

Sandals – Sandals are key to have if you have a nice break between sets to let you air out your feet. Optional

Burner Kit – If you are a smoker or like to indulge during such fun events be sure to carry a kit of the regular: papers, lighter, matches (originally they said no lighters). Also be prepared to go through a lot more intoxicants than you thought. Edibles are almost always available. Nobody seemed to care at the excessive smoke. The focus seemed to be more on avoiding violence then marijuana, I seen literally 1000s of people smoke and I didn’t see one get in trouble for it. Be fearless and just do it, you don’t need to be sneaky smoking in a crowd full of smokers, nobody gives a fuck, we all expected it. OPTIONAL

Listerine/Toothbrush – This really is another option but if you are a teeth freak it can be solid to bring some breath freshening stuff to the concert especially if you were planning on chatting up a few beautiful women. Optional

Gum/Mints – I love having this when I just go out but I recommend having gum for when your mouth gets dry or when you want to chat up some honeys. I like the energy gums with the extra b vitamins to help maintain a good energy and avoid a dry mouth.

Condoms – If you are planning on hooking up with chicks don’t be a fool wrap your tool. I wasn’t there too pick up chicks so I didn’t care much but if you want be out banging make sure that you protect yourself at all times.

Deodorant – If you are a sweaty guy you likely end up a smelly guy, if you include deodorant inside your bag for when you begin to smell ripe you can feel more confident and just have more fun. I didn’t pack some but I could smell a few guys who should have. Optional

Sunglasses – Shades are essential. Lots of sun plus not sunglasses equals a shitty day. Lots of times they give away sunglasses (I was given 3 and bought a 4th for 5 bucks) or sell them cheap at concerts but if you have a favorite pair bring ’em. Comfort is very key when it comes to sunglasses, you will be wearing them for at least 10 hrs.

Sunscreen – I am not at all big on sunscreen but it can be very important when you are in the sun for this long. Throw some in your bag to protect yourself if you are fair skinned enough to need it. I went without but I also still got sunburned. It’s nice being swarthy only about a 24 hour burn.

Lotion – Lotion can also be key if you are in such dry weather. I again didn’t use it but it can certainly be helpful if you are someone with dry skin. Optional but highly recommended

Chapstick – Very essential you will hopefully be yelling and excited having a good time.Your lips can get very chap, I recommend finding a good Chapstick, Neosporin’s lip balm is the best I’ve found (a little more expensive but worth the price).

Camera – Optional but recommended, if you want memories and pics take them. I’m not big on pics so I only took one but it certainly could be awesome to have a ton of pics.

This is it guys this is all you need to have a fucking great time at a music festival if you do it right and prepare properly you can go hard almost the whole show having a good time. My boy and I went hard, my neck was sore from bobbing my head so much. You just need to bring the right shit eat a few times and drink a shit load of water while being careful not to over do it in other areas.

Peace and Love


So on Friday night I went out for the first time in a while, been working a lot of 9-5s and honestly I haven’t felt to obligated to go out. My buddy was moving away and this was his going away party. So me and a couple of buddies decided to go hang out. I just wanted to say good bye maybe capitalize on some opportunities.

While I was there was two guys that were obviously out to get laid, whether they were natural or learned they were pick up artist. They made their rounds at the bar, talking to about every sexy dame in the area. This pub had a decent hot girl count especially considering how many people were there, so there were quite a few guys looking to chat up some girls but these guys were all business. They were literally going up to every attractive woman in the bar; I give them mad respect for their confidence.

These were good looking guys with high confidence and they certainly felt they deserved to talk to any woman they were attracted to but from my perspective they had no clue when it came to gauging the situation.

These women almost always started off attracted to these guys, they started with preens, eye contact, smiles, even some submissive signals but the guys came on far too strong. If you want to pick up a woman you want to be the properly responsive man and this means not overstepping your boundaries at an uncomfortable pace.

These guys were all about physical escalation, reminded me of 60 years of challenge, and I’m a big fan of 60 Years of Challenge, he has some great tips throughout his books but I just don’t see how you can possibly have a success percentage if you aren’t gauging (calibrating in the community) the situation. You stepping in close early is very good, it starts allowing for that sexual tension but too much to fast means her friend is going to come save her, or she is going to go running. These guys may not know who 60 years of challenge were but they certainly were practicing his tactics of escalate and allow for that tension early on.

These are the mistakes they made:

-Stepping in early is fine but once the woman can’t handle it and looks tremendously uncomfortable retreat back. Remember courtship is a game of push and pull. These guys were playing the game, they were chatting about mundane topics while not stepping back when the woman could bear it no longer.

-They didn’t look like they were having fun, everything was business. How can a woman be attracted to a guy when he treats fucking her like a business. Yeah sometimes a woman will love this but more often than not in a natural courtship environment it will feel wrong to them.

Moving her away from her friends. One woman dealt with it for a long time and all he had to do is say “you know this is kind of uncomfortable standing too close like this, can we go over here and talk.” If he would have done this it would have isolated, made her more comfortable and built on that initial attraction well (reading her mind).

-Touched too much too soon. You can touch a woman early on and you can be cool but if she is not attracted to you yet it maybe touchy or creepy as some women may refer to you. If you sit there and keep touching before she shows signs of attraction you are being incredibly creepy. It’s fine to add some innocent touch here and there but until she begins to reciprocate you may want to hold back for a moment.

-Torso direction was too direct. You want the angle too seem more neutral, his space factor would have been fine if he would have angled his torso away from her a little. You want to makes sure you don’t face her too much too soon or you are showing more interest than her. You are showing you care more than her and thus placing her above you with your body language. Your goal is to begin to face her at the same pace she faces you, soon enough you guys will be completely facing each other. If you want to play push pull face her torso directly and intently while she talks and then turn away here and there too ease up and let her get comfortable. You don’t want her to feel threatened but you do want tension to build and this means facing her directly here and there.

-Worked too much of the room too fast. As I said these guys were all business they weren’t having too much fun but the worst part was they were walking from girl to girl with no break in between. How high do you think their value appeared when it was obvious they weren’t succeeding and then just moving along to get shot down by the next one? Pretty poorly, they had low value before they got to some women because they didn’t make it natural, they forced it. I admire their short-term memory but you should work the room throughout the course of a couple hrs and not in 30 minutes.

These guys had a lot I admired about them. Their confidence and their fearless attitude were awesome but they didn’t calibrate and this was their flaw. They should have realized all their tools were for certain situations and they weren’t using them at the right situation. They also should have flirted more rather than asking questions like “where you from?” “what brought you here?” it wasn’t an interaction that was entertaining it was a straight interview.

If you guys want to do good with women take on that confidence and that fearless attitude but learn to read a woman’s attraction and comfort level, sometimes her discomfort is a part of her attraction other times it is you coming on way too strong. Be the responsive man and your success rate with women will increase substantially because you will be reacting to her, you will be playing the game. I’m not at all saying she won’t be ready for it 5 minutes later but sometimes you do have to wait that 5 minutes before you get too direct or stand too close.

Peace and Love


How do you know a girl wants to talk to you? “Does She Like Me?” Show Episode 10 goes over how to tell if a girl wants you to talk to her. It also has video clip examples showing Attraction Clusters at work so you can see what I see everywhere. This video teaches you all about approach cues and how you are rejecting women daily. Attraction Clusters are Everywhere! Feedback is always encouraged. Enjoy!
Peace and Love


So I was stroking my ego and typing in my moniker Poeticlyskuac and boy is there a shit load of info out there. When I was looking around I seen a forum post put up in article form on another website, since it’s an old (11-8-2010) as hell post I figured I’d post it up. Keep in mind this post is off of a thread that I started that is now at 38k hits, a lot for that forum, perhaps not a lot to others.

I am working on a confidence email boot camp for folksNow Available: My True Core Self-Confidence and Happiness Program  – This 21 Lesson Program is dedicated to instilling all these same concepts plus much more in yourself. This article goes over some of the tactics that are included in building your confidence in the email boot camp should you choose to donate, plus it gives you a clue as to what you can be when you become confident. I understand A LOT more about confidence and have much stronger and actual True Core Confidence now. I have become more confident that this far and away. My ideals about self and confidence have been reformed to way better than at the time I wrote this post.

Some of these tactics like the compliment area (giving and receiving) I have improved upon of course. I’ve developed quite a bit into understanding a lot more since then about confidence…which if you would be so kind as to donate when it comes out will include a lot more updated tips (though very similar) but will include far more- 20 21 total lessons.

Note: While the confidence boot camp may seem as if it is talking to men, the tactics will work on men or women. They are human orientated not sexually orientated.

Peace and Love


The Man

Every once in a while you come across a guy that is “The Man”. Every where he walks people seem to know him. It appears as though he owns every place he visits. He owns this Charisma that is indescribable, his style and interaction with you is quite memorable. He leaves you feeling good. His Presence seems to be understood every where he goes. His Body Language speaks Confidence, it shows Confidence in every sense of the word. How he stands, how he sits, how he laughs. He is always smiling and witty in his interaction with you, giving you both permission to laugh and smile. His inner game is unquestionably strong and you just in some ways want to meet him. He can effortlessly join a conversation, and then be invited into the conversation.

This is something we have a very difficult time becoming. Something few of us think it is possible. Some believe that you are born with it or you aren’t. That is absolutely not true, these guys weren’t born popular. They gained some personality traits through out life for what ever reason but that does not mean they can’t add more traits to themselves. Anyone can become “The Man”. It takes effort and commitment, this is something where you may be a little further ahead because you own certain personality traits. In fact everyone owns more than a few traits that could help you become “The Man”.

Who do you know that seems to be “The Man”? What are they like? When you go to a club or a bar do you see a guy that seemed to consume a area? His presence unavoidable to notice.

Charisma is something we think when we think of someone who is “the Man” is some one who has Charisma. They have this divine gift of persuasion and influence over most people. Clinton & Obama are guys that have amazing Charisma. They used it to get elected. They caught you and brought you in and made you feel good some how.

Both gentleman had rhythmic speaking with their tone. They had a powerful presence even before they were thought about for president. They build a comfort level and make you feel good even without ever meeting them. Charisma is a word we use that is really difficult to describe, but you always know when someone has it.

It seems as though you are the only two when you are talking. You seem to build Rapport and Comfort with them effortlessly. They are Witty and Funny. They just leave you feeling good. A bad person can have some serious Charisma unfortunately. I mean think about how many terrible people had great Charisma. Manson was considered quite Charismatic which to me is unbelievable.

They seem to be Different. They look for reasons to have individuality. They Demonstrate Value easily and with just their appearance. They differentiate you, they make you feel comfortable, and they appear to make you feel like you are the most important person in the room. We will get into many tactics on how to influence and and do all of these things.

Inner Game

I don’t think you can progress far with out gaining inner game so this will be where I start. In order for you to gain anything you have to gain Inner Game. In order for you to keep that Body Language and Presence everywhere you go you must be able to have Confidence.

Write down every compliment you have ever heard. Read them every day. Every time you get a compliment write it down.

People who have Charisma make everyone feel good. Handing other people compliments helps, I recommend complimenting accessories, style, or character(not looks). It makes you more confident if you can endorse the strengths of others. Always remember if you make everyone around you feel good than it is easier for you to feel good and confident. Part of charisma is accepting your humiliation while making everyone feel good. Every insult I get I blow out of proportion while accepting them and laughing at it in front and at the person. Life is truly funny, remember “don’t take life so seriously you will never get out of it alive“.

This is one of my favorites. Write down 100 things you like or love about your self or as many as you can, whether it is your hair, smile, laugh, eyes, knowledge, friends, family, intelligence, sense of humor, add more every day and read them every day. When you do these types of things like focus on how great you are rather than your negatives it will lift your confidence tremendously. I would say that it is very simple just find out what you like/love about yourself and expand it. You may not realize how great a person you are until you expect yourself to be great through what you love of yourself.

These things can make you confident in a hurry because when you read all the compliments you have been given it gives you validation. When you read all the things you love about yourself it will become ingrained in your mind. You are this guy other people have said it about and you are this guy who loves a lot about yourself.

I actually wrote it across my mirror, every time I see me, I see a guy who has compliments written all over him. Things I love about me, things said about me.

Confidence is about nothing more than self love. Comfortable with who you are and love who you are. Every where you go you should say I am “The Man” . Visualizing exercises are very good, every day when you wake up see who you want to be. Every time you go to sleep doze off thinking of being “The Man“. Through out the day think of yourself as “The Man“. Soon enough you will be him. There are some good NLP tactics to helping change your mind about yourself.

What I want you to do is go lay down and think of this, this can and should be done absolutely everyday.

I want you to imagine you go into a room a smooth room where you can see beautiful women. Great entertainment, I mean everything is how you want it. The tables are in perfect position and the mood is perfect. Then you see this You, he is Confident, he has Presence, he has Style, he has Witt, he is “The Man“. People all around him enjoying his presence and women are sending him signals from everywhere. This confident You is chatting with beautiful women. You picture him dressed right. Now you walk toward him. Now you walk up behind him unnoticed, you listen in on him and how confidently he speaks. Does he look Witty and Happy? Now you step up behind him and walk inside of this confident you. What is it like to be this Confident You? How does it feel in your shoulders? How does it feel to have these confident wide shoulders? How high is your head? Does your chin feel stable and parallel with the ground? Your body movement is welcoming and Alpha. How wide is that stance? Doesn’t that dominant Alpha stance feel good. How do your arms feel? Do they swing welcoming and confident? How does it feel to be able to Smile at everything? Does it feel amazing, great, or maybe even phenomenal? How does it feel when you talk? What is your tone like? Is it rhythmic and smooth? Unthreatening and Comforting? You can feel this way when ever you want because it truly is you. So now you know what it is like to be “The Man”. Every single night you should repeat this for the next 3 weeks, it would do even more good to do this forever. And every day through out the day imagine you are this guy and hold yourself that way.

These are tactics I have used to build my confidence there are tons of books on the subject and I recommend you find one that suits yourself. But this is something that can give you a lot of confidence and you should definitely use it. Look for other tactics to build your Confidence. It is always good to use all sorts of different tactics to help you realize NOBODY IS BETTER THAN YOU. YOU ARE AS GOOD AS ANYONE IN THIS WORLD. Girls would be lucky to gain someone with your personality traits is the realization you are adopting now. Do not adopt the attitude you are better than anyone but that You are as good as anyone.

I think this one of the greatest ways to build confidence. There is a lot to come to terms with about yourself, the majority of us focus on our flaws, we don’t realize how much we have going for us. Every person is unique and has something interesting about them. Every person has lots of great qualities. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t as good as someone with what ever advantage. A lot of time we focus on our flaws, most of us focus on our physical attributes, in reality people(men and women) would rather have the company of a fun ugly person than a obnoxious good looking person. Our physical attributes mean very little to our company after thirty seconds, it is our character that will make the moment, the things that makes us interesting that make us fun. Don’t take this to mean you shouldn’t dress well or groom yourself, both of those things will give you even more confidence, your presentation of yourself is very important.

I give away a lot of compliments every day(to men and women) and working in grocery I see a lot of people, I receive just as many or more compliments. Just make sure you don’t compliment their physical attributes like everyone else does, their shirt, skirt, bracelet, glasses(this one is huge), necklace, dress, shoes, hair, things that are choices that they make, parts of their personality and presentation. I’d recommend finding ways to compliment others so it sounds witty and less generic. I like, that is cool, sweet, etc. I love works more often than any of the generalities.

Those are smooth ground grippers(kicks, floor lovers, etc. rather than shoes).
That is a slick necklace.
Quality decision on selecting those earrings.
Your threads are nasty smooth.
That was a good moment when you selected those glasses.

I give a lot of compliments that are stunning but will make them turn red rather than blow you off. A lot of people talk about negs, but I don’t neg as hard, I am rather playful. It is the way I say my compliments that make me different it also helps you do back handed compliments easier. It is always good when everyone feels good around you, you also naturally become the Alphas, your comfortable and everyone is comfortable. Complimenting Alphas works very well in disarming them, they like you now, you endorse their strengths and play cool while at the same time show it doesn’t mean much, your not scared of their best feature.

When you compliment someone it shouldn’t be a big deal, there is a lot to be said about a great compliment. I have never been shut down for saying your earrings are smooth. Those are some smooth ground grippers. Look at you little mama togged out to the bricks. They just need to realize you give everyone compliments it is not a big deal.

Remember the more compliments you will send out the more you will receive. I compliment a necklace half the time I get a compliment back on mine, I wear an Aztec calendar medallion every where I go.

To me this is the biggest part of getting confidence is giving compliments, because you receive so many in return. It is important however to be able to just say thank you, that is very nice of you, remember you will be getting compliments all the time. Receiving compliments should make you happy but as a confident human you know that about your self, they just gave you some validation. Just because someone gives you a compliment doesn’t mean you owe them one. A confident person knows how to receive a compliment

I have got some ridiculous compliments ones that have literally scared the hell out of me. One lady told me(more than one has said something similar) when ever I am having a bad day if your here and I come in you make me feel better automatically. That to me was almost like pressure to be that guy, who I didn’t try to be. Another one said everyone in the store can be happier when you are here. I get compliments every day, some of them are so tremendous both of those struck me as the best I have ever received. Compliments on other things are awesome but I mean that is to me the best compliment you can ever receive, that is saying you are a tremendous human being, and what person shouldn’t enjoy your company? What girl wouldn’t be lucky to date a guy that is like that? How could that not boost your confidence? All because I consistently hand out compliments, what you give is what you will receive.

Someone who has charisma makes people around them feel good, show they are human just like them. A charismatic person is always on level with the person/people they are talking to, they are never better.

Sorry but to me handing compliments out is more important than the rest of the things I said because you receive validation from everyone around you. The fact that you did the other things helps reinforce all of those things. You inscribed all those compliments, you inscribed everything you like/love about yourself, you reconfirm all of this when you read it.

Thanks for re-reading this old post!

Peace and Love,


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Well I put up a lot information on here but I also like to have some fun and joke around. In fact it feels weird that I don’t have too many funny articles or blogs on here, this is after all a blog. I am planning to start adding funny sex, attraction, pua, cartoon and some funny videos, just plain having more fun with this thing.Dating, courtship, pick up, it really is funny experience a lot of times, laugh at it.

Many guys want to know how to be attractive, how to get women, how to escalate but there is one statement that will always be true:

Girls just want to have Fun

Do you want to know what is attractive? FUN! If you go anywhere often the person you find the most attractive (not necessarily sexually) but the person you find most attractive is the person who is the most fun or who makes you feel the best. There is a lot to be said about taking on the mindset of a kid and just not worrying about anything but having fun. The term boyish charm has its appeal to women for a reason.

Being Fun is an attractive Behavior.

You want to be attractive? Just have fun. Don’t trip on all the bull shit you hear about trying to be this guy or that guy, you want to just go out and have fun being yourself.

What should I say to the girl though? Who honestly gives a fuck? I say crazy shit to people, my tone and the fact that you would never expect it make it funny. I’ve had girls walk up beside me sending total and obvious sexual overtures, I look at them and say “umm I was standing there, will you move…” with a huge smile on my face and a very playful tone. Say whatever you want but make sure you say it with the right tone, while being playful.

Does this mean you should be an asshole? NO! I’m not giving you permission or telling you to be cocky, arrogant, an asshole, or a douche bag or any other negative term. I’m telling you to have some fun and this isn’t always at someone else’s expense. You can be playful, say crazy shit, have some fun, and everyone will enjoy your presence.

Remember how I just wrote that blog on reflective energy? Fun is a part of the same equation; people who tune into you will have fun, they will reflect that fun after all fun is contagious.They will love you having fun. In the comedy mockumentary movie Boys and Girls guide to Getting Down the girls are talking negatively about two horribly dressed guys, but then moved on and loved the fact that they were having fun. People like to have fun, and:

Those who have fun give others permission to have fun.

Think of all the beta guys in a big mafia movie the big boss gets told something disrespectful but funny and they all get quiet should I laugh? Should I hit that guy? Kill that guy? What should my reaction be? Then the big boss laughs and they all laugh with him, he gave them permission to laugh.

It’s Alpha to be comfortable. It’s alpha to have fun, something else about having fun, if you are busy having fun you don’t give a fuck about anyone else’s opinion of you. Don’t get caught in thought about all the bull shit and mental masturbation, just go out and for fucks sake have some fucking fun. (yes I mean that on so many levels guys).

I know some of you guys are like but it’s not that simple. I restate: Just go out and for fucks sake have some fucking fun.

Peace and Love


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