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How to Read Shy and Confident Women! – Learn Here w/Example Clips! DSLM E-12

Shy girls can be very difficult to read, often they give you absolutely nothing in regards to body language but they still give you some small signs thus giving you reads. Confident girls are pretty simple to read, they are straight and to the point. This is Episode 12 of Does She Like Me? Feedback … Continue reading »

Safe Sex- Dont be silly wrap yer willy: 5 reasons Why

I talk all about getting laid or getting the girl but there is something I am ashamed of: I have never blogged about safe damn sex. All you fools out there that think bare backing it is cool and that sex is far more fun when you ain’t got something covering your skin I’d have … Continue reading »

How to Spot the DTF Woman? Ovulation, Behavior, and Apparel – Does She Like Me? E11

Does She Like Me Show? Official Website The article this video is based on has been published into a book. Learn all about her behaviors when she wants sex based on her biological needs. This video goes over the DTF woman and the behaviors they tend to exude. Including in this is ovulation, clothing, grabbing … Continue reading »

Rock the Bells is the Shit but here is a Survival Kit – Plus 12 Lessons for Music Festivals

Alright guys I’m a huge fan of hip hop, I love it. I love music in general and have easily seen over 100 concerts, but I have never been to a Music Festival like Rock the Bells. I need to say this very clearly this wasn’t a rave, this was a Music Festival where everyone … Continue reading »

Failing by being Over-responsive: The Creepy Guys at the Pub

So on Friday night I went out for the first time in a while, been working a lot of 9-5s and honestly I haven’t felt to obligated to go out. My buddy was moving away and this was his going away party. So me and a couple of buddies decided to go hang out. I … Continue reading »

Never Fail- Always knowing when she Wants to talk to You: (iois) How to read Initial Attraction

How do you know a girl wants to talk to you? “Does She Like Me?” Show Episode 10 goes over how to tell if a girl wants you to talk to her. It also has video clip examples showing Attraction Clusters at work so you can see what I see everywhere. This video teaches you … Continue reading »

OLD AS hell Forum post – Being the Man – Poeticlyskuac

So I was stroking my ego and typing in my moniker Poeticlyskuac and boy is there a shit load of info out there. When I was looking around I seen a forum post put up in article form on another website, since it’s an old (11-8-2010) as hell post I figured I’d post it up. … Continue reading »

Sometimes we get Uncomfortable when Attracted -Does She Like Me? E9

This video goes over how to read a woman’s attraction. There are a lot of signs that have multiple meanings, it’s important to realize that reading attraction is about stepping out from under your emotion and just being aware of her body language. Sometimes we show discomfort with attraction. Also included is a little bit … Continue reading »

Just something Funny… Korean out suggest the shake weight

Well I put up a lot information on here but I also like to have some fun and joke around. In fact it feels weird that I don’t have too many funny articles or blogs on here, this is after all a blog. I am planning to start adding funny sex, attraction, pua, cartoon and … Continue reading »

Girls just want to have Fun – Be Fun become Attractive

Many guys want to know how to be attractive, how to get women, how to escalate but there is one statement that will always be true: Girls just want to have Fun Do you want to know what is attractive? FUN! If you go anywhere often the person you find the most attractive (not necessarily … Continue reading »