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Courtship and Submissive Signals: What does that sexy head turn show?

In the courtship of every animal there is a point in the courting when both sexes must submit before each other to say yes I am comfortable, and then it elevates to I am going through the act of reproduction with you. One of the final things most animals do before courtship ship is submit before their mate. A female dog, cat, monkey, as well as many others present their rear as if to say I’m ready to copulate.

However before animals present their rear they show many other submissive signals such as throat exposure, putting their head down, or some dogs even just lay down under them.

Here are some examples of submissive body language:

Throat/Neck Exposure – Many women turn their head slightly to the side. This exposes her throat and is a submissive signal women love to show without thinking. That head turn and exposed neck is a sexy sign that men miss.

Open Palms/Exposed Wrist – Open palms means there is no protection to your torso, you are exposing your vulnerability. Your wrists are a very sensitive area -slit your wrist for suicide- exposing them is quite submissive.

Head Down/Look Down – When your head is down or you look down you are sending a submissive signal. Many women will make eye contact with a man then look down. This is a form of submission and contrary to popular belief is a signal of attraction. I use to think quite the opposite.

Shoulders – Sometimes a woman will push up her shoulder or shyly tuck her head into her shoulders like a turtle. Another shoulder related movement is when a woman pushes her shoulder up and forward turning her head to the side.

Fidgeting – When a woman fidgets with her keys or jewelry (preening really) she is showing some submissive body language. It is an anxious or nervous signal, which shows a sign of submission. Not always attraction related but certainly worth mentioning.

Stance – Stance should be comfortable but a submissive stance would be a timid or narrow stance. Sometimes a woman will cross one leg over the other standing and will say I’m not going anywhere, I have no need to run.

Sitting – Sitting sometimes a woman will have her legs crossed(skirt they do regardless). Sitting is really situational and has to be context related. However feet normally close distance during attraction rather than run, which would be submissive.

When it comes to submissive signals you want to read them with the right combination of preens and escalation. You want them to be submissive but comfortable there is a difference between anxious submissive body language and attracted submissive body language. You should pay attention to distance, attraction, comfort, and preens in conjunction with submissive signals.

About Science of Natural Game

I was just some guy interested in gaining a little game. After a little reading on body language (which I fell in love with) I realized my confidence and ignorance were my only issues. Plenty of girls were attracted. I just missed it. Here is what I have learned about body language, courtship, and game. The things I've studied and read about: Emotions, Body Language, Reading Faces, Lie Detection, Courtship, Courtship Signals, Sex, Pick Up, NLP, Hypnosis, Influence, Evolution, Difference between Sexes, Female Brain, Male Brain, Charisma(Making people feel good), Confidence, Happiness, Self-Esteem, Mingling, Having Conversations, Stress, Becoming Powerful, Relationships, Human Nature, Nutrition, Mental Strength. I've chose to learn a bit about everything, I've noticed that the more I researched the more I've needed to know to be a confident complete happy human being. I am not an expert on many of these topics(body language I am quite competent in) but I've read enough about each topic to draw from a wide variety of sources. If you have any questions or comments let me know, I'll post a video or a blog.


2 Responses to “Courtship and Submissive Signals: What does that sexy head turn show?”

  1. Looking down a bit isn’t bad for women. It shows she’s feminine. But if she stares at your crotch, she’s a slut and that’s where you have to punch her in the face for violating your personal boundaries.

    Posted by LR | Sep 25, 2012, 9:54 pm
    • You missed the point if you think I believe it’s bad. The look down is a common sign of submission that represents attraction. A lot of women do it with their first initial eye contact with a man.

      The most common initial interest(attraction) cluster you will see is eye contact, a preen, and the look down. It is also most often missed by men.

      Peace and Love,


      Posted by The Science of Natural Game | Sep 26, 2012, 12:06 am

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