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I’ll be happy when I have women…. What a crock.

So there is something that has really been bothering me, I’ve noticed an underlying human need being ignored in an effort to fulfill our inner primal desire sex. Now I won’t lie and say I’m not some animal out to have women when I can, but the reason these guys seem to be driven for sex is farfetched… they think by somehow banging a woman they will immediately be happy and confident. Well, I’ve also noticed that most people aren’t even really after women…

They’re after happiness, personal fulfillment, and they’ve attached their virginity and value to it. They think that as soon as they bang a woman they will immediately gain a lot more value and they’ll be happy. Well that is a crock of shit.

The fact is happiness comes from one place and its “NOW”, it will never be when. I’ll be happy when I’m married. I’ll be happy when I have kids, I’ll be happy when…. This is undoubtedly the worst mindset I’ve come across when it comes to happiness. Some guys think that once they can get all the women they want their life will be amazing and complete, this is quite foolish, and in fact it’s downright idiotic.

Seems like so many guys don’t realize the real reason they’re driven to do things and I think it should be amazingly open that most of us have an underlying “when” issue. “I’ll be happy when”…  The reality is happiness is a choice you make during every moment and I often times find myself unhappy when I forget this and feel by way of dwelling on something you simply can’t change. The simple truth is you can be happy doing whatever it is you’re doing but not satisfied. There is a difference between the two, happiness isn’t settling it’s merely being happy and how can that be wrong? Isn’t that what we all want on some level?

I want you guys to realize something, it’s more important to be a happy personally fulfilled human being then to have sex. On some level (and as a science minded guy I can’t avoid this) we all have an inner desire to have sex, that isn’t going to change but happiness isn’t found through sex. In fact sex addicts are some of the least happy people you can find.

You guys need to learn to be happy and when you’re happy you’ll exhibit good behaviors that will be attractive to people in general and here is where it gets much easier to meet women because you’ll have a receptive aura based on your behavior. When you’re happy more people will be happy around you, and thus you will be seen as a far more attractive person.

Well… how can I be happy though? Well I can guarantee you a way to be happy for life because it’s a constant consciousness that allows such a thing but here is a drill I authored for my Core Self-Confidence website. It will teach you how to be a happier person, not made up by me but by Richard Wiseman.

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How to be happy from Science of Natural Game
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